Exam Room Nutrition: Where Busy Clinicians Learn About Nutrition

37 | From Yuck to Yum! Strategies to Conquer Picky Eating

February 13, 2024 Colleen Sloan, PA-C, RDN Episode 33
Exam Room Nutrition: Where Busy Clinicians Learn About Nutrition
37 | From Yuck to Yum! Strategies to Conquer Picky Eating
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Show Notes

Do parents ask you for advice for their picky eater? Do your patients say "yuck, I don't like that" when you suggest they try some broccoli? How would you answer a mom who says, "my child only eats 10 foods, what do I do?"  In this episode, Registered Dietitian, Veronica LaMarca, joins Colleen to discuss practical solutions for 5 of the most common nutrition challenges faced by parents and pediatricians dealing with picky eaters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Responding to "Yuck": Discover effective ways for parents to respond when their child rejects a food with "yuck" and learn how to encourage food exploration.
  • How to solve brand preference:  Learn how to gradually expand the child's food preferences through food chaining by making small changes to familiar foods.
  • What to do when a child only eats 5-10 foods: Learn how to increase variety in a child's diet without pressuring or bribing.
  • Family Meals and Environment: Understand the importance of family meals and creating a positive mealtime environment to promote healthy eating habits.
  • What to do if a child refuses meat: Learn to reassure parents that kids need less protein than they think and they can meet those needs without eating meat. 

Whether you're a parent seeking mealtime harmony or a pediatrician looking for practical advice to share with your patients, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable strategies to help your picky eater transition from "yuck" to "yum"!

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