Exam Room Nutrition: Nutrition Education for Health Professionals

32 | Game On! Nutrition Tips for Athletes

February 06, 2024 Colleen Sloan, PA-C, RDN Episode 32
Exam Room Nutrition: Nutrition Education for Health Professionals
32 | Game On! Nutrition Tips for Athletes
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Show Notes

If you work with young athletes, this episode is for you! I'm joined by sports dietitian, Jessica Ashton, RD,  to help you know exactly what your athlete should eat before, during, and after exercise and how to nurture healthy habits that ensure a lifetime of peak performance. 

Key Points:

Understand Macronutrients: Learn the difference between carbohydrates, protein and fat and the role each of these plays in an athlete's body.

Pre-Exercise Fueling: Learn about the importance of pre-exercise nutrition for young athletes, including the need for carbohydrates to fuel energy stores.

During-Exercise Nutrition: Explore recommendations for maintaining energy levels during prolonged exercise sessions. Understand when and what young athletes should consume to sustain performance and prevent energy depletion.

Post-Exercise Recovery: Discover the role of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats in supporting muscle recovery and replenishing energy stores after physical activity.

Hydration Matters: Gain insights into the critical importance of hydration for young athletes. Learn how to assess hydration status and educate pediatric patients on maintaining proper fluid balance to optimize performance and prevent dehydration-related issues.

Join us as we equip pediatricians, parents and coaches with the knowledge and tools needed to support the nutritional needs of young athletes, ensuring they thrive both on and off the field.

Connect with Jessica:
Instagram | @jessicaashton_rd

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